Which is why we’ve purpose-built a digital procurement platform for buyers and sellers of network services founded on the most comprehensive industry data.

The thing is, businesses around the globe have been stuck in the traditional procurement cycle for too long. We’re talking lengthy phone calls, back-and-forth emails, and mountains of paperwork. It’s old-school. It’s outdated. It’s inefficient. Sourcing and selling IT shouldn’t be this hard.

By centralizing and digitizing the telecommunications procurement process into one single-source-of-truth platform, we’ve made it easier and faster than ever for enterprises and service providers to get connected.

how cloudscene works

Underpinned by the most expansive, accurate, and unique aggregation of data centers, service providers, and network fabrics globally, Cloudscene has become the trusted go-to marketplace for the internet.

We give buyers on Cloudscene access to the information they need to source the optimum services to power their IT network. They can compare service provider offerings, get fast responses, and consolidate communications in their Cloudscene account.

Meanwhile, sellers on the platform can reduce their sales cycle, and simplify the whole process, by connecting with well-informed buyers and easily responding to ready-to-quote requests.

At Cloudscene, we’re breaking down the barriers to procurement and empowering businesses to connect. Check out how our platform makes this happen.