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Whether you're looking or wanting to be found, Cloudscene is the world's largest connectivity directory for colocation data centers, cloud service providers and network fabrics.

We’ve raised the bar for data reliability and integrity with our powerful search capability and comprehensive database of more than 6,900 data centers and 7,300+ cloud service providers across 110 countries.

Cloudscene - Bevan Slattery

Established by serial tech entrepreneur, Bevan Slattery, Cloudscene was officially launched in September 2016 after two years of development.

“It was out of frustration that the concept of Cloudscene was born. Having invested significantly on these services myself, it became obvious that there was an information gap that needed to be filled.

“Two years ago we were looking at expanding Megaport and Superloop to Asia and trying to pick a data center to go into, and there were a few lists but no directory or information source we could go to – just lists of data centers but nothing about which service providers were in each center.

“We started collating information and found that everything was not quite right – addresses not accurate, couldn’t tell who was in there (data center). It ended up snowballing and now we have created a global database.”

Bevan Slattery
Founder of Cloudscene


Our Vision

From data center power, security and building size to location and contact details, Cloudscene's independent and verified data supports users in selecting IaaS, cloud and internet service providers.

Our vision is to overturn what is currently a fragmented marketplace and better connect customers and providers alike.

Prospective tenants or home buyers haven’t needed to visit individual websites of real estate agents to get listing information for over a decade, we believe the tech industry should follow suit when it comes to enterprise IT services.

Cloudscene - Our Vision

Get Involved

Cloudscene gives major data center providers the opportunity to demonstrate their entire ecosystem in a snapshot. Likewise, Cloudscene provides smaller operators exposure on a global stage.

Our end goal is to see all data center operators and service providers actively managing their information online to ensure the ongoing accuracy of the data published. Whether this is your sales, marketing or technical team (or all three), Cloudscene is designed to allow for any number of users within a company to manage the information published on the directory.

To get your team involved simply:

  • Create a free account
  • Add your company to the account
  • Search for your company by name and claim your profile
  • Once approved, you will be able to freely manage your assets.
If you have any questions, please visit our support page.


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