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Connecting to the cloud has never been easier. To support users on their cloud journey, Cloudscene has developed a world-class enterprise tool for searching and connecting with global cloud partners.

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How Does It Work?

Enterprises searching for cloud on-ramps and on-net building information are not only met with time-consuming and manual processes, they’re often faced with inaccurate data.

Cloud Pathfinder provides a better way to search, receive quotes and connect with global service providers who can help enterprises connect to the cloud.

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To get started, simply enter the location you wish to connect from and your preferred cloud provider. Cloud Pathfinder will get to work instantly to generate a list of service providers that can fulfill the connection in your desired markets.



Choose the providers you’re interested in talking to and complete the short quote request form to detail any further requirements you have. Following a short approval by the Cloudscene team, service providers will then receive your request via email and respond directly.


Receive Quotes

You will receive quotes directly via the email address you provided in Cloud Pathfinder. If you'd like to invite additional service providers to respond to your quote request, you can do so at any time. See FAQs for more.

Why Cloud Pathfinder?

As a trusted source of industry data for cloud connectivity, data centers and network fabrics, procurement teams around the world rely on Cloudscene’s platform to streamline the process of receiving quotes and connecting with service providers.

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With Cloud Pathfinder, we've made it easy for you to access the data you need without spreadsheets or scrolling dozens of websites to compare providers. Simplify your search by accessing the single source of truth, try Cloud Pathfinder now.


Traditional procurement processes are in a digital transformation phase thanks to new technologies and increasing pressures for automation. Online applications such as Cloud Pathfinder deliver greater efficiencies for procurement and sales teams, providing access to 6,820+ service providers from one platform.


In a matter of minutes, Cloud Pathfinder can determine the on-net and near-net connectivity options from your location, indicate which cloud providers are accessible within that market and request quotes from companies that can connect you. Accessible anywhere, anytime.


Cloudscene users not only have access to Cloud Pathfinder, the free subscription also provides access to exclusive data, market alerts, marketplace listings and other valuable market intelligence tools. Find out more about Cloudscene’s user features.

Global Cloud Providers

A simple address search can reveal your optimum pathway to AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and VMWare from any data center or enterprise building worldwide.

Be Found On Cloudscene

Cloudscene is the trusted resource for procurement teams, enterprise buyers and marketing and sales teams within the telecommunications sector. Industry operators can ensure their data is reflected on Cloud Pathfinder and Cloudscene’s directory by contacting the Cloudscene team.

Data Center Operators

Are your data centers and cloud on-ramps up-to-date on Cloudscene? You can claim and manage your profile on Cloudscene to keep the data accurate, ensuring your facilities appear when searched on Cloud Pathfinder. If your data center isn’t listed on our directory, reach out to the Cloudscene team.

Service Providers

Do you have on-net buildings? Fiber-connected enterprise locations are critical to cloud connectivity searches on Cloud Pathfinder. Be found and get more quotes. Send your on-net building data to Cloudscene via

Network Fabrics

Are you an Internet Exchange (IX) or Software Delivery Network (SDN) Provider? You can supply your peering information and/or physical connectivity within data centers/enterprise buildings direct to Cloudscene via API, JSON file or spreadsheet. Email to find out more.

Cloud Providers

Are you a cloud provider or a supported service provider? You can supply your connectivity in colocation facility locations worldwide direct to Cloudscene via API, JSON file or spreadsheet. Email to find out more.