43940 Digital Loudoun Plaza Data Center

Strategically located on 98 acres of land in the Dulles technology corridor of Northern Virginia, this property currently under construction will be the seventh data center on the on the Ashburn Campus supporting both Turn-Key Data Centers and Powered Base Building (PBB) configurations. The campus is located 10 minutes from Washington Dulles International Airport and adjacent to the future Metro rail station. The property is in close proximity to the MAE East Internet Exchange Point providing premier connectivity and access to an extensive fiber network already in place.

This property is being constructed in two phases. The first phase, which is substantially complete, boasts ten concurrently maintainable Turn-Key Flex Data Centers. Construction of the second phase is currently under way and will add an additional twelve Turn-Key Flex Data Centers, bringing the total to 22. The Turn-Key Flex Suites are designed with cooling technology that allows for the use of outside air economization to increase efficiency and decrease PUE.

The facility is situated on a secure campus protected by perimeter fencing, manned guard gates, berms and hard-scaping. Each building has a single, main entry point protected by card key access and a 24x7x365 guard station. Additional security is provided by CCTV and biometric access controls. HVAC, Power and building critical systems are managed and monitored 24x7x365 by highly trained Digital Realty employees.

The Ashburn campus is powered by 80 MW from the Greenway Substation which is located on Digital Realty’s property. The construction of a second dedicated substation, the Enterprise Substation, also located on Digital Realty’s property was constructed and completed in early 2014. This brings the total capacity of the Digital Ashburn campus to 230MW. Power is distributed to each building via dedicated underground, concrete encased duct banks. The power is provided by one of the most reliable transmission systems in the country with reduced risk of electrical interruptions and rates that are below the national average.

With 6 service providers, Digital Realty's 43940 Digital Loudoun Plaza is ranked #44 in the Washington DC Area market. At a national level, 43940 Digital Loudoun Plaza is operating amongst 2,464 colocation facilities and is ranked #433 in The United States of America.

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