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Explore Cloudscene’s Marketplace Updates

20 February 2020
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We’ve released updates to Cloudscene’s Marketplace and overall user experience to enhance the network sourcing and selling process.

Globally, we’ve seen the effects of digital transformation on various industries. Uber disrupted the transport sector by taking its on-demand rideshare app to market; Amazon completely transformed retail from brick and mortar stores into the world’s largest online marketplace.

We’re dedicated to bringing our industry into the cloud age by centralizing and digitizing the network procurement process. To drive this vision, we’ve recently released updates to Cloudscene’s Marketplace and the user experience across the wider Cloudscene platform. 

These new enhancements are aimed at empowering our users with smarter, easier, and faster sourcing and selling capabilities so they can make stronger, more informed decisions on their network and cloud strategies.

Our latest updates to Marketplace involves an enhanced user-centric flow for creating a Marketplace listing that provides a richer experience when sourcing network and cloud services. This includes:


Service builder feature which enables buyers to design their specific requirements to attract the right service providers for their business’s IT projects.


Service design cloudscene


Marketplace Assistant tool which guides buyers through their Marketplace listing creation, making it as easy as possible to generate a high-quality request.

Best-match service provider logic connects buyers with the most valuable providers in the industry based on their required markets.


Service Matching cloudscene


Improved design for a more engaging experience across the Marketplace platform, particularly compared to the traditional means of procuring network services.


Marketplace create

Our Marketplace was purpose-built for procurement teams and service providers of colocation, cloud, and connectivity. We’ll continue to optimize our platform to further align with your requirements as digital procurement becomes the go-to approach for sourcing and selling in the industry.

To experience all of the changes, head to cloudscene.com/marketplace and sign up for free or log in to create a Marketplace listing.

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