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Looking Ahead: 2021 Tech Predictions with Cloudscene Founder, Bevan Slattery

17 April 2021

Bevan Slattery reveals his top tech predictions for 2021 in this free report available to download now.

The global challenges of 2020 saw new diverse technologies emerge and the mass adoption of existing critical infrastructure that would power organizations through the unprecedented demand for network and cloud.

2021 is expected to be another critical year for innovation and increased adoption for the network and cloud industries as service providers continue to expand their offerings and there are no signs of digital technologies slowing down.

Our Tech Predictions 2021 Report reveals Cloudscene Founder, Bevan Slattery’s insights into the innovation and adoption trends for connectivity, cloud, and new technologies across 2021 and beyond. We sat down with Slattery to find out where the tech industry could be headed, and what might be in store for businesses and service providers as they navigate 2021.

Bevan Slattery is a serial entrepreneur and founder of some of Australia’s biggest technology success stories. Starting as a co-founder of PIPE Networks, Australia’s largest Internet Exchange and third-largest metropolitan fiber network provider, Slattery sold the company to TPG in 2010.

Subsequently, he founded NEXTDC, Australia’s largest data center operator; Megaport, the global leading elastic interconnection provider; Superloop, a PanAsian infrastructure-based telecommunications provider; Cloudscene, the world’s leading telecommunication independent marketplace for buying and selling network services; SUB.CO, an independent specialist submarine cable development group constructing the new Oman Australia Cable (OAC); and most recently, HyperOne, soon to be Australia’s first hyperscale national fiber network.

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