Marketplace Policy


This Policy sets out the rules that apply to your use of Cloudscene Marketplace. The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that your use of Cloudscene Marketplace is lawful and does not interfere with anyone else who uses our Marketplace.

Changes to this Policy

Cloudscene can make changes to this Policy at any time by posting the updated policy at You are responsible for checking this website regularly for updates. Any changes to the Policy will take effect upon posting.

General Posting

At Cloudscene, we want to make sure that the Marketplace is as clean, friendly and usable as possible for everyone. Listings that contravene our Website Terms or this Policy may be removed at our discretion.

You are solely responsible for all information that you submit to Cloudscene and any consequences that may result from your submissions. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to refuse or delete content that we believe is inappropriate or in breach of this Policy or our Website Terms.

Cloudscene accepts listings on behalf of companies, not individuals, so each listing must be linked to a company account. All company representatives must be at least 18 years old. You can create a company account for free after user registration or when you create your first listing. All listings are viewable by other members/administrators of the same company account.

Each buyer listing must have an expiry date, after which the listing will remain publicly viewable, but not searchable throughout Cloudscene. If you do not wish the listing to remain viewable at all, please unpublish the listing. The unpublish option is available when you edit the listing. Only you and your company account administrator / members can view expired and unpublished listings. We retain expired and unpublished listings in our database for use in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Your listing must relate to a commercial opportunity in connection with cloud services or cloud software. Please choose the location and services that are most relevant to your listing. Do not post the same requirements repeatedly across categories or locations unless there is a significant difference between them, such as expiry date, budget etc.

Posting duplicate listings and/or posting the same listings using a different email address is not permitted.

When using Cloudscene Marketplace, you must act responsibly and use the Marketplace for lawful purposes only. You must not use, attempt to use or allow the Marketplace to be used to make available any content or material that:

  1. Is prohibited by or breaches any applicable laws and any other order, regulation, standard, code of practice or guideline or which is likely to be offensive or obscene to a reasonable person;
  2. Is confidential or subject to copyright or third party intellectual property rights (unless you have a lawful right to do so);
  3. Defames, harasses, threatens or abuses anyone or violates their privacy or misuses their personal data; or
  4. Is otherwise illegal, fraudulent or likely to give rise to civil liability or criminal prosecution.

You acknowledge that:

  1. Copyright owners or their agents may direct Cloudscene to remove copyright materials from our website or to prevent people from accessing those materials;
  2. Cloudscene may provide information (including personal information) about you and your use of the Marketplace to copyright owners and their agents; and
  3. Appropriate law enforcement authorities or agencies may direct Cloudscene to remove from its network and servers any content which is classified, or likely to be classified, as prohibited, obscene or indecent content.

You acknowledge that Cloudscene may take steps to comply with any directions or requirements of law enforcement authorities or agencies, without notice to you.

The main reasons we may remove a listing include:

  1. The listing is not relevant to the Cloudscene community. We accept listings for commercial opportunities related to cloud services and cloud software;
  2. The listing violates applicable law, regulation, standard or code of conduct;
  3. The listing is fraudulent;
  4. The listing duplicates an active listing;
  5. The listing is posted in a language other than English. You may include a translation of your listing in another language in addition to English in the description;
  6. The listing is not descriptive enough. Listings that do not provide enough detail will be placed on hold or removed as this makes for a poor browsing experience. If you need help filling in the listing form or describing your needs, please email;
  7. The listing contains inappropriate language or an inappropriate photo / image;
  8. The listing contains information that is confidential or subject to copyright or third party intellectual property rights (unless you have a lawful right to use that information); and
  9. The listing defames, harrasses, threatens or abuses anyone or violates their privacy or misuses their personal data or is offensive or obscene to a reasonable person.

If practicable, we will email you to let you know before we remove your listing and give you an opportunity rectify the issue within a reasonable period. What is reasonable will depend on the severity of the issue and it may be reasonable (e.g. if the issue is serious or continuing) to take responsive action immediately without notice.

If you have a listing that was removed and none of the reasons for removal listed above appear to apply to your listing, please email;

If you find a listing that is in breach of our Website Terms or this Policy, please contact us with the link to the listing.

Responding to Listings

When you respond to a listing, we send your message along with your contact details to the email nominated by the listing creator. Cloudscene may retain this response to allow us to track activity and to obtain feedback, in which case, our Privacy Policy will apply.

Subsequent communications between you and the listing creator occur outside Cloudscene and we do not have access to, or retain, any of these communications. Cloudscene is not responsible for any response received to any listing on the Marketplace. You may report abuses to Cloudscene by emailing


Cloudscene may send notifications to you based on activities occurring in the Marketplace, including when:

  • You publish a listing. A confirmation will be sent to your login email;
  • A marketplace listing mentions one of the assets you’ve claimed as a service location. This notification is sent so that you, as the operator of the asset, can review whether you can fulfill the listing creator’s request and respond to the listing creator. You can opt out of receiving this type of email through your profile page; or
  • Your listing receives a response. We will send the response to your nominated email address along with the sender’s information.