Cloudscene's Rankings

With Cloudscene, you can search and compare thousands of data center operators and cloud service providers across 110 countries.

Cloudscene’s rankings provide further insight as to who the major players are in any given region and which markets are the most connected worldwide.

Cloudscene also publishes a leaderboard of the top data center operators based on both data center density (total operated data centers) and connectivity (the total number of PoPs) for the given region.


Data Center Ecosystem Leaderboard

The H2, 2019 Leaderboard reflects the top ten data center operators in North America, EMEA, Oceania and Asia for the July to December 2019 period.

Further data on the H2, 2019 Leaderboard is available via our news page.


Country rankings

Find the top colocation data centers and top service providers within a region, country or market with Cloudscene’s rankings tool. Colocation data centers are ranked by the number of listed service providers in the facility and service providers are determined based on the number of listed PoPs.