User-Only Features

Launched in 2016 by serial tech entrepreneur Bevan Slattery, Cloudscene is the world’s largest directory of colocation data centers, cloud service providers and network fabrics.

As part of our commitment to deliver a valuable service to the industry, we’ve provided the ability to search Cloudscene for free. To access additional data and some of our features and tools however, you will need to be a Cloudscene user (join Cloudscene for free now). You can find out more about our user-only features below.

Cloudscene Cloud Finder

Cloud Pathfinder

To support users on their cloud journey, Cloudscene has developed a world-class enterprise tool for searching and connecting with global cloud partners.

Cloud Pathfinder allows users to find cloud on-ramps and on-net buildings instantly, explore options and request free quotes from service providers who can provide connectivity to AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and VMWare.

Cloud Pathfinder is simple, fast and effective, and accessible to all Cloudscene users for free (join now).


Cloudscene users have exclusive access to leads via our independent Marketplace for buyers and sellers of connectivity services.

Users can also create Buyer's Listings in order to fulfill their service requirements - without the quote shopping! And service providers can view and respond to Buyer's Listings when logged into their Cloudscene account.


Drawing clear comparisons between colocation data centers, cloud service providers and markets is a whole lot easier thanks to our compare tool (available when logged in to your Cloudscene account).

A simple way to instantly evaluate two profiles, simply click on the compare button at the top of any data center, service provider or market page you wish to compare.

For data centers, the compare tool generates technical information, market data, operator rankings, certifications and lists service providers all in a single screen. To get you started, take a look at some of our top data center comparisons:

For service providers, you'll be able to compare the two profiles based on company details, certifications, markets, PoPs and fabric memberships. And comparing markets offers both a macro level comparison for the selected regions, as well as further insight into the data center ecosystems of the market.



To keep track of data centers, service providers or markets of interest, Cloudscene users can opt to receive alerts.

When the profile for any selected profile changes, users will receive an email alert with a broad summary of any changes made on Cloudscene (maximum of one email sent daily). Alerts can be removed or paused easily from My Alerts at any time.


Market Graphs

The market pages on Cloudscene attract our highest number of users and it's not hard to see why. All data centers, service providers and network fabrics that are within a region are pooled together to give a detailed insight of the market’s ecosystem.

The graphs on the market pages take this one step further to give users additional analysis on regions of interest. Specifically, the graphs offer a snapshot of the region as well as rankings which compare ecosystems, data center operators and service providers. All four graphs are accessible to users when logged in.


Claim Company Listings

Service providers and data center operators can actively manage their Cloudscene listings to ensure the data published is as up-to-date as possible. The more accurate the information, the higher the likelihood of enquiries, quote requests and traffic through to your site. Data centers and service providers may even climb up our rankings simply by updating their listings.

Users can also give team members access to the corporate account to help manage the company data on Cloudscene. There is no team limit and it's as simple as logging in in to your account, selecting the company from the admin menu and completing the invite form on the Team Members page.