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Console Connect is one of the largest global (NaaS) networks-as-a-service, Software-Defined Interconnection (SDI) platform and is powered by the PCCW Global MPLS Network. Instantly turn up layer 2 capacity-on-demand between 370+ data centers in 47 countries or securely connect to global cloud, Peering (IX) Platforms, SaaS, IoT, NaaS, DDOSaaS, Carrier or other NaaS partners such as DE-CIX, IX Australia, RingCentral, Tencent, Google Cloud, AWS, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, NAVER Business Platform, Anexia Cloud, IBM Cloud, and many others. Self-provision and manage your service in real-time via the Console Connect web application or interconnect via our open API. The Console Connect SDI platform is available throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa's, North and South America’s, and 11 countries in the Asia Pacific, including Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan. Real-time, PAYG connectivity in seconds: port-to-port, port-to-cloud, cloud-to-cloud, port-to -X, SaaS, and other partners globally.

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