United States of America
United States of America
The United States is the largest single region for connectivity and the cloud in the world today. Its major markets include the financial hubs of New York and Chicago, the Tech hubs of the Bay Area (San Francisco), Seattle and Portland; the population hubs of Dallas, Los Angeles and the center of Government in Washington DC. With the country's total data center numbers outweighing its nearest market (the United Kingdom) by five times; the United States is the undisputed "home of the internet".
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Market Overview

The United States, officially the United States of America or also known as America, is a coalition of 50 states, a federal district and five major self-governing territories. Operating as a federal republic, America is a stable, democratic and culturally diverse country with a population of over 332.63 million and an internet penetration rate of 76.2% (246.8 million internet users). The republic covers nine different time zones creating its own unique challenges to the technology sector.

Data Center & Telecommunications Economy

The total GDP of America is over US $19 trillion and with a contribution of 7.1% from the digital economy, America’s data center industry is thriving. Besides American data centers, the digital economy includes 109.96 million fixed line telephone subscriptions and 422 million mobile telephone subscriptions.

Data Center Markets

America contains several data center clusters throughout the country providing plenty of colocation opportunities. The primary colocation data center markets in America are:

The United States is well connected to Europe and Asia-Pacific with submarine cables extending from five primary markets on the East Coast and four primary markets on the West Coast. There are 5,387 American data centers, the majority of these colocation facilities are located on the Atlantic Seaboard. Large carrier neutral American data centers feature rich ecosystems and state of the art equipment, ensuring maximum uptime and connectivity to over 19,489 service providers.

Energy Distribution

America has good coverage of the energy sector, which is an important attribute for any data center market. The country is energized by 21% renewable or green sources, with the remaining provided by fossil or nuclear fuels. This gives American colocation facilities significant opportunities to take advantage of green energy. In addition to green energy, data center consumers enjoy a range of PUE scores between 1.01 and 2.15, with the average PUE for American data centers sitting at 1.43. American colocation facilities provide over 14902.08 MW of power and has a range of rack power options from 2.16 kW to 22.00 kW.

Cloudscene American Facts

  • Total number of American data centers: 5,387
  • Total number of cloud service providers: 19,489
  • Total number of network fabrics: 84
  • Latest American data center added: MIA-1
  • Latest American data centers service provider: Iron Mountain Data Centers
  • Number of certified colocation facilities in America: 732
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