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Hong Kong is without question one of the fastest-growing regions in the world in terms of data growth. Recognized as the "gateway to China", Hong Kong already has over 15 submarine cables with numerous others being constructed including the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) and a massive 120 Tbps Google/Facebook cable Pacific Light Wave. The original telecom hub around Chai Wan is now spilling over to the new tech hub of Tsueng Kwan O (TKO) which boasts over 10 new colocation data centers including Global Switch, NTT, China Unicom, China Mobile, Digital Realty/Savvis, HK Colo, Town Gas Telecom, HSBC and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. HK Telecom is the incumbent with Superloop, Hutchison, Wharf T&T and HK Broadband the other major players in the market.

Based on a combined score that factors in data center density, service provider connectivity and total network fabrics, Hong Kong earned the #5 spot in Cloudscene's Fast 50 Markets to Colocate in 2018. Did you know you can compare important market data side-by-side? Compare Hong Kong now.

Hong Kong Overview

To access this graph and more exclusive features, simply or join Cloudscene for free.

To access this graph and more exclusive features, simply or join Cloudscene for free.

To access this graph and more exclusive features, simply or join Cloudscene for free.

Market Overview

Hong Kong is a special administrative district within the People’s Republic of China. The territory maintains a separate political and economic system from China and is a major interconnection hub for digital services. A significant global financial center, Hong Kong has a population of over 7.31 million and an internet literacy rate of 85% (6.21 million million internet users).

Data Center & Telecommunications Economy

The total GDP of Hong Kong is over US $309 billion and with a contribution of 7% from the digital economy, Hong Kong’s data center industry is thriving. Besides Hong Kong’s data centers, the digital economy includes 4.327 million fixed line telephone subscriptions and 16.736 million mobile telephone subscriptions.

Data Center Markets

Hong Kong is a major interconnection point for intercontinental traffic between Asia and America. There are 107 data centers in Hong Kong, the majority of these colocation facilities are located in and around Tsuen Wan. Large carrier neutral data centers featuring rich ecosystems and state of the art equipment, ensure maximum uptime and connectivity to Hong Kong’s 447 service providers.

Hong Kong Rankings

Richest Data Center Ecosystems

The top five colocation facilities in Hong Kong are:

  1. MEGA-i
  2. HK1
  3. HK2
  4. HK3
  5. ETP Data Center

Top Data Center Operators

The top five data center operators in Hong Kong are:

  1. PCCW Solutions
  2. HKT
  3. SUNeVision (iAdvantage)
  4. Equinix
  5. Towngas Telecom (TGT)

Top Service Providers

The top five cloud service providers in Hong Kong are:

  1. PCCW Solutions
  2. Superloop
  3. StarHub
  4. PCCW Global
  5. Colt Technology Services

Energy Distribution

Energy is a significant issue for data centers worldwide and whilst China has adopted significant green and renewable energy strategies, Hong Kong still relies purely on fossil fuels. There are no significant opportunities to select data centers that operate on green energy in Hong Kong. Data center consumers enjoy a range of PUE scores in Hong Kong between 1.30 and 1.80. The average PUE for Hong Kong data centers is 1.53. Hong Kong colocation facilities provide over 162.96 MW of power and the rack power options range from 1.57 kW to 5.40 kW.

Service Providers

Hong Kong’s communications industry is regulated by the Communications Authority (CA). Major players in the carrier space include:

  • csl
  • CMHK
  • 3
  • SmarTone

While the top three service providers are:

Cloudscene Stats on Hong Kong

  • Total number of data centers in Hong Kong: 107
  • Total number of cloud service providers: 447
  • Total number of network fabrics: 10
  • Latest Hong Kong data center added: Hong Kong
  • Latest data center service provider added:
  • Number of certified colocation facilities in Hong Kong: 23
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