Our AMS2 is a fully refurbished, tier III , PuE 1,1 site , ideally located south of Amsterdam and within 30km reach of all 4 big cities in the Netherlands (Amstedam, Utrecht, the Hague, Rotterdam) . Currently the site is being upgraded to 4MW IT and will be growing to 8MW IT after that.

Current customers are banks, insurance companies and several large hosting companies. In 2023 a top hyperscaler customer will start using the unique located site as south site on their Amsterdam ring . The site is indeed very well suited to be a twin site to a Amsterdam cental site since it is connected to a different and much more stable power grid that all other Amsterdam sites and lies well above sealevel.

We have all major carriers and on ramps on board and due the the unique central location of the site most long haul fibers do pass our site leading to minimal latency to Amsterdam and all other major cities in the Netherlands.

We prefer wholesale , large suite customers but also do house in smaller customers with growth potential. Minimum rack size is 1.

AMS2 will be the technological showcase center in the Netherlands for heat recapture and heat reuse in Datacenters and is already amongst the greenest DCs in country.

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