What is a Wavelength Service?

A Wavelength service is ideal for Carriers, Service Providers and Systems Integrators requiring high bandwidth backhaul between data centers and major points of presence. A new generation of consumer applications is driving demand for this type of service because of its robust transport system, low latencies, and guaranteed throughput. The typical bandwidths available for this type of service is 1Gb/s, 10Gb/s, 100Gb/s and in some cases 400Gb/s. By leasing wavelengths, businesses only pay for the capacity needed - but with the ability to scale up when needed. Typically suited for Service Providers, Government, and Large Enterprises

Service Location

  • Aberdeen, GB
  • Abu Dhabi, AE
  • Accra, GH
  • Adelaide, AU
  • Afghanistan, AF
  • Alabama - Regional, US
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