DC1 Stavanger
DC1 Stavanger
Tier 3 Graded

DC1-Stavanger is a unique Tier III certified data centre in a former NATO ammunition storage facility deep inside a mountain. We have converted the facility into a high-security colocation data centre with 22 600 m2 (230000 ft2) space available. The main data centre comprises of a total of 6 mountain halls, each with two-storey concrete buildings built within the mountain. The infrastructure has been designed to be expanded up to 2 x 26MW.

Our underground data centre is flexible by design and can be scaled up or down based on our clients’ current and future requirements. Clients can start with one rack and expand as the need increases, or they can even have their own separate data centre located within our facilities.

The facility is powered by renewable hydropower and uses a unique fjord cooling solution to obtain world-class energy efficiency.

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