LIM supports the SOPHO iS 3090 digital telephone exchange, which, in addition to ISDN (30B + D, 2B + D), is equipped with a DECT wireless telephone system.

Our tenants provide:

- Activation of an unlimited number of telephone lines (analog, digital, ISDN) for each user. - Free connection with all our telecommunication clients in Centrum LIM, Warsaw Corporate Center, Swede Center and Warsaw Underground Transitions. - Benefits of accessing PBX functions: voicemail, call forwarding to extension or extension, conference creation, caller ID, call waiting information, caller ID, - Leasing of the highest quality digital telephone equipment from Philips - (Ergoline D340 and Ergoline D325). - Lease of wireless DECT apparatus operating within the entire building LIM Center. - Accounting of telephone pulses according to the tariff of TP SA - Detailed telephone connection (printout or electronic form). - Access to the extensive cable and fiber network to CRiT, CA Beautiful, CA Komertel, CA Chałubińskiego, International Air Station - Okęcie. - Providing access to the Internet. - The possibility of renting cable pairs inside the building and on the LIM-CRiT section.

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