DE-CIX India
DE-CIX India

DE-CIX India is a regional Internet peering and interconnection hub for the major Indian and international networks. DE-CIX India runs carrier and datacenter- neutral Internet Exchange Points in the Indian cities Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata.

DE-CIX India interconnects a large number of Internet service providers (ISP’s), content delivery networks (CDN’s), over the top (OTT) players, DNS root servers, national & international telco networks, and social media networks in all major metropolitan areas, which helps Indian networks to keep their Internet traffic local.

DE-CIX India's neutral Internet Exchanges are built on fully redundant MPLS switching networks on carrier-grade Juniper equipment, and located in top Internet datacenters, including Bharti Airtel Datacenters (Nxtra Data), Netmagic Solutions (NTT), ST Telemedia, GPX Global systems, Web Werks India, etc.

DE-CIX India is powered by DE-CIX, which operates the world’s largest Internet Exchange, with 9 terabits of data throughput per second. DE-CIX also operates 18 Internet exchanges across the world, situated in four continents.

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