Megaport Fabric

Megaport is the leading global Network as a Service (NaaS) provider. The Company's Software Defined Network (SDN) enables the interconnection of 900+ customers and service providers in 200+ data centre locations across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Connectivity across the Network is fast, scalable, and secure with services directly controlled by customers in the Megaportal via mobile devices, their computer, or the open API. Megaport is an Alibaba Cloud Technology Partner, Oracle Cloud Partner, AWS Technology Partner, AWS Networking Competency Partner, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner, Google Cloud Interconnect Partner, IBM Direct Link Cloud Exchange provider, and Salesforce Express Connect Partner.

With 231 members, Megaport is ranked #5 of 195 network fabrics listed on Cloudscene. Based on the 73 markets in which Megaport operates its services, this network fabric is ranked #1 globally.
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