IX Lodz Telecommunication Junction


Lodz 90-063


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This node was established in Lodz also becoming a platform for cooperation and joint purchasing companies associated in KIKE going often beyond the primary web framework.

Changes in project cost-Link nodes opened on broad cooperation with the entities that do not belong to the Chamber, and even non-telecom operators. And is currently the only technical requirement to participate fully in the node is to have their own IP addresses and AS number - in simple having your own BGP router.

Along with changes in the project in May 2014. Node Lodz launched this website IX.LODZ.PL constituting an invitation to cooperation of local and national (long distance calls using the network to hundreds of nodes across the country). Participation in the Lodz node can take any form, m.in .:

Only local traffic exchange IPv4 / IPv6 node with the participants;

transit / peering to other IXów in Poland and global ISPs available in other large cities with extremely low and regularly obniżanymi intercity transit costs);

transit to any project with hundreds of nodes across the country through infrastructure project KIKE Cheap-link dedicated VLAN (L2);

aggregation of the global Internet purchases in cooperation with the participants of Lodz node;

Matches dedicated transmission / BGP sessions with service providers - eg. for the field of IPTV, and VoIP.

Common access to resources in the same costs - helps to reduce operating costs and more fully exploiting the potential of Ethernet as a medium for broadband.

With 2 members, IX Lodz Telecommunication JunctionIX.LODZ is ranked #154 of 190 network fabrics listed on Cloudscene. Based on the 1 market in which IX Lodz Telecommunication Junction operates its services, this network fabric is ranked #178 globally.
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