1102 GRAND

1102 GRAND provides colocation and interconnection services for a diverse customer base ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies spanning nearly all vertical markets and from around the world. The building serves as a major hub for all voice and data traffic in the Midwest by providing the necessary infrastructure for carriers, service providers, and commercial customers to do business together reliably and cost effectively. We are geographically centered in the United States, located away from the coasts and associated hurricane threats, are outside of high risk earthquake zones, and connect to a one of the most reliable electric utilities in the nation while benefiting from pricing well below the national average. In addition to power savings, as a carrier hotel, customers benefit from reduced or no loop charges which often provide enough savings to offset the associated investment to locate at 1102 GRAND. On top of that, since customers can choose from 15 – 20 carriers/providers, the cost of bandwidth is extremely competitive. For example, a 10 Mb/s connection is only $70/month on a 3-year agreement or just $100/month for month-to-month service through a multinational Tier 1 Internet service provider in our building. Through a different Tier 1 carrier, a recent client told us that his company would save 2 – 3 times the monthly cost of locating their equipment at 1102 GRAND simply by connecting to the carrier here. Success stories like this are possible because 1102 GRAND is the largest and most network rich carrier neutral facility in the Kansas City Metro area and is the reason why we are one of the fastest growing of our kind in the region.

Legal Name: 1102 GRAND
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