Abtech Technologies

Abtech Technologies offers a unique value in the enterprise IT services, management, and solutions industry: responsibility. 

Whereas other IT companies rely on their vendors to recommend, install, and service solutions then walk away with your check, Abtech can do all these services in-house plus take on the post-implementation responsibility of onsite maintenance, call-in technical support, and management. This takes the term “business partner” to a whole different level when our team manages and maintains the solutions we recommend. If you have to be woken up at 2AM for a problem, so do we. 

Abtech Technologies is a national, service focused, vendor agnostic company working completely independent of any OEM. We focus on a suite of services and products that: 

► Drives down the costs of your IT department: low cost multivendor hardware & software support, managed system administration, help desk, new & refurbished hardware, rentals, leasing, & hosted infrastructure, and extending the life of your IT investments 

► Mitigates the risk to your data with high availability & business continuity solutions 

► Increases your uptime with fast problem resolution 

► Quickly deploys your technology: our consultants, engineers, sysadmins, and DBAs work with your team to get your systems in production and creating value 

Call Abtech Technologies today to see what a full lifecycle IT management, services, and technology company can do for your business!

Legal Name: Abtech Technologies
Company Type: Public Company
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