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Accumuli Security

We are a leading UK-based independent specialist in IT security and risk management. We provide industry-leading technology and services underpinned by rare skills and capabilities. 

Accumuli helps you manage IT risk created from significant IT Trends (such as cybercrime, consumerisation of IT, Big Data) or business objectives such as ensuring service availability or doing more with less - the perennial balancing act for any IT department. 

We work with you to provide an IT infrastructure that is available, performing and visible while always being resourced and secure. We help to ensure compliance with laws and regulations including ISO 27001, PCI DSS, GPG 13, and Cyber Essentials which have been introduced to address challenges around information security, privacy and accountability. 

The Accumuli approach is to help you identify both the risk and potential of your IT infrastructure and address any gaps with leading solutions and expert services. Our culture is focused entirely on helping our customers and working as one team to deliver tangible results for a very specific need or a holistic end-to-end solution. 

Accumuli has offices in Basingstoke, Cambridge, Glasgow, Leeds and London. Our global customer base consists of companies of all sizes across an expanding range of industry sectors including financial services, utilities, telecommunications, manufacturing and government. 

Accumuli is an NCC Group Company - 

Visit our website: 
Follow us on Twitter: @Accumuli_Sec

Year Founded: 1996
Legal Name: Accumuli Security Services Limited
Company Type: Public Company
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