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Airwire is an Internet Service Provider with own access network infrastructure, mostly fixed wireless, but also ethernet based circuits and FTTO. We operate some dark fiber infrastructure in metropolitan areas. 

We have already now a native dual-stack network (IPv4/IPv6) available to all of our customers. We also operate migration services like 6to4 and teredo gateways, additionally to a SixXS PoP and our native IPv6 roll-out. 

Airwire has PoP's in Galway and Dublin and covers mostly the rural areas of Co. Galway, Clare, Mayo and Roscommon in the west of Ireland. Our coverage area extends to approx 120 and is costantly expanding. 

Airwire changed status from a Partnership to a privately held Limited Company in 2012 and is 100% owned by it's two directors.

Year Founded: 2006
Legal Name: Airwire Ltd
Company Type: Privately Held
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