Anchor Systems

Anchor has always had a strong reputation for reliable, powerful and traditional managed hosting — maybe just a bit too traditional! 

Hosting and web development methodologies have evolved significantly in the last few years, which is why Anchor has recently rebuilt its entire hosting model. 

We have always specialised in building fully managed hosting environments tailored to extract the maximum performance and stability from your chosen CMS or application stack — with a particular focus on Open Source technologies. 

Moving from Problem Solving to Problem Prevention 
The new Anchor goes even further. We now provide ’DevOps Automation as a Managed Service’, complementing our traditional managed hosting services and leveraging the AWS and OpenStack cloud platforms to bridge the gap between operations and software development. 

If your organisation is looking to enable frequent, safe and ’zero-downtime’ testing & promotion of new code into production — this is for you. 

We can make your developers more effective by automating the operations that support them; defining your infrastructure as code to build a platform that accelerates application deployment, simplifies the testing of new code releases, automates server deployment and auto-scales the infrastructure in lock-step with fluctuations in traffic to your website. 

By choosing to work with Anchor, you’re engaging a world-class team of System Administrators and DevOps specialists to work closely with your developers. 

Together, we can build a solid foundation for your website or application, hosted securely, reliably and always performing at its best for your customers — wherever they may be around the world.

Year Founded: 2000
Legal Name: Anchor Systems Pty Ltd
Company Type: Privately Held
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