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Aruba SpA

We help businesses and consumers build and Manage Their digital life providing all the required tools and support. 
One of our main goals is to be on the side of all IT Professionals like CIOs, CTOs, Developers, System Administrators helping them to innovate and Manage Their IT infrastructure. Aruba is one of the largest IT groups in Europe, the leading hosting provider in Italy and Czech Republic and Italy's number one email certified company. Aruba is anche the Registry of the .cloud domain name extension. The Group is organized into four business lines: Cloud Computing Services, Data Center Solutions, E-Security and Identity Management and Hosting and Domains. Aruba is active in all major European markets with data centers and offices in the UK, Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. Aruba managed more than 2 million customers, over 20,000 physical servers, 2 million domains, email accounts 6 million and 4 million certified email accounts. Aruba has extensive experience in managing data centers with a European network capable of hosting over 60,000 servers. Aruba is proudly co-managing with the Ducati Racing Team, the official Ducati Superbike team.

Year Founded: 1994
Legal Name: Aruba SpA
Company Type: Privately Held
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