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Asia Web Services

Asia Web Services Ltd ( is a leading provider of VPS web hosting for business or personal use with unlimited domains and full root acces.

Since 2007, with the dynamic and ever growing, Asia Web Services has grown rapidly to be one of the for-runners in providing virtual server hosting on Cloud technologies and SaaS hosted solutions. Besides, Asia Web implements the latest technologies to deploy systems that enable customers to scale flexibly and have that extra edge in their business

香港 Asia Web Services ( 專為商業或個人提供 VPS 虛擬伺服器及雲端伺服器,採用全球領先的 Equinix 數據中心,遍佈 香港、北京、上海、廣州、東莞、深圳、蘇州、成都、台北、日本、美國等 90 個熱點。其 VPS 虛擬伺服器不單可以自由選擇 Windows 及 Linux 系統,還可以自選 Plesk 或 CPanel 控制台。

Year Founded: 2007
Legal Name: Asia Web Services Ltd
Company Type: Privately Held
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