Branded MVNE Mobile Services for Operators, OEMs and Brands 

We are a privately held, NL-headquartered global provider that offers as-a Service communications infrastructure for mobile access, applications, and associated connectivity services. The company enables disruptive communication service development and provides voice, data and messaging integration on an on-demand, IaaS basis delivered via APIs or web interfaces. Our objective is to allow organizations, regardless of size or industry, to easily and cost-effectively add connectivity and application capabilities to extend their existing applications and services. 

We meet this objective by enabling a virtualized communications capability for the enterprise than can integrated quickly and without investment in the complex protocols and services to connect to traditional telecoms systems. Our series of innovative applications are designed improve profitability by integration into social networks, payment methods as well as the analytics to measure and manage churn and ARPU. Our company delivers the solutions via MNOs, MVNEs & channels based on a pay per use model that is OPEX centric. 

The company has established itself as providing mobile solutions between the enterprise and the telecom worlds, making it easier for organizations to increase revenue and profit from their branded applications and services. 

With over 100 clients launches around the world, ASPIDER-NGI delivers solutions designed to minimize both investment and time to market – from traditional M2M and Voice MVNO projects, to OEM connectivity solutions for consumer computing.

Legal Name: Aspider-NGI
Company Type: Privately Held
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