Asseco South Eastern Europe (Asseco SEE, ASEE) group is one of the largest IT companies in the area of production and implementation of its own software solutions and services in the region of South Eastern Europe and Turkey. 
The Company provides ICT solutions for various industry verticals including the financial sector, payment sector, public administration and telecoms. 
Since October 2009, the shares of Asseco South Eastern Europe (Asseco SEE) have been listed on the Warsaw stock exchange. Asseco SEE group employs over 1,400 people in 13 countries. More than 10 banks out of the 15 largest banks in southeastern Europe are already clients of Asseco SEE. 

Asseco SEE provides integrated banking systems based on the Oracle and Microsoft platforms (offered under the brand name of ASEBA), including primarily core banking systems. In addition, the integrated systems include solutions dedicated to support various bank access channels, e-banking, mobile banking, payment systems, authentication solutions, reporting systems for regulatory compliance and managerial information, as well as risk management systems. 

In the domain of system integration, Asseco SEE is engaged in the provision of services of development of customized IT systems, especially for the needs of integration of third-party software and elements of infrastructure, as well as in the sale and installation of hardware. The Systems Integration segment also presents a group of proprietary solutions of ASEE which, due to their profile, have not been classified to our banking or payment solutions. 

Beside integrated banking, delivery channel systems, and system integration, we strongly focus on payment industry solutions, supporting card and card-less transactions. Delivery of self-service equipment and customized software development providing high maintenance level and support position us as the leading innovator with strong focus on ATM and POS outsourcing.

Year Founded: 2007
Legal Name: Asseco South Eastern Europe d.o.o. Sarajevo
Company Type: Public Company
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