The history of Atracom LLC. activities is closely connected with the development of the network of fiber-optical communication lines (FOCLs) in Ukraine. It is no coincidence that the Company was founded at the time when the mobile communication operators felt an urgent need to develop their own main transport network. Atracom LLC. recruited highly qualified personnel, and after studying the situation, the Company offered a number of initiatives making it possible to reduce considerably the cost of FOCL construction, thus reducing the period of FOCL pay-back. In particular, the company offered to join efforts of the leading operators in constructing optical networks, dividing their capacity in accordance with the invested funds. Such approach ensured significant savings during the construction of FOCLs for each participant. This became a decisive factor when Atracom LLC. took part in a large tender for constructing a fiber-optical line, held in 2002 by Kyivstar GSM Co. Winning this tender was a significant achievement for the newly founded Company. The mission of Atracom LLC. is defined as "Developing the information infrastructure of Ukraine for the next generations". With time it became clear that Company’s ambition for leadership was well grounded. Atracom LLC. was officially registered not so long ago - on December 23, 2002 - but since that time the Company constructed more than 23 000 km of FOCLs. At present the fiber-optical communication lines of Atracom LLC. Cover all province and the majority of regional settlements all over Ukraine. Company’s FOCLs have access to the outside borders of Ukraine and may be integrated with FOCLs of the neighboring countries: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Russia, and Belarus. Atracom LLC feature is linking its network with major automobile routes which is especially important for operators of a mobile communication (GSM, CDMA, 3G …) and for data transmission operators (such as WiMAX operators), for which the evenly covering of the big areas of Ukraine is necessary. The Atracom Company develops in close cooperation with the leading manufacturers of communication equipment who are Company's reliable partners in implementing FOCL projects. Company's Customers include practically all major Ukrainian communication operators.

Legal Name: Atracom
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