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Within its Technology as a Service (TaaS) framework, babyTEL develops advanced communication technologies to provide the core infrastructure for cutting-edge voice communication Services. 

babyTEL offers these Services through its Agents and Reseller Partners. To meet their challenging and expanding needs, babyTEL customizes its Services using its own development resources without depending on third party developers. Our customer and network support teams benefit from the availability of in-house developers to offer more effective and timely support. 

Our Team 
babyTEL has been successfully developing telephony solutions since 1991. We are proud to have passionate technology pioneers and innovators on our team. babyTEL is led by its CEO, Stephen Dorsey who is credited with the development of the first screen-based programmable word processer and founder of Micom/Philips with annual sales that exceeded $200 million. Khaled Tewfik, VP of Technology, is the leading pioneer of Real-time fax over data networks, and Gaetan Sheridan, Chief Technology Officer, is the key architect behind babyTEL services. babyTEL innovators have also recently developed mobile phone VOIP applications and Audio Messenger for Facebook and Twitter.

Legal Name: babyTEL
Company Type: Privately Held
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