Balcan-IX, the countrywide Internet Exchange platform in Romania, offers access to IP networks connected in all its Service Access Points (SAPs), hosted by the Neutral Collocation Center (NCC). Balcan-IX offers two peering services: a Public Peering service, and a Virtual Private Interconnection service for private peerings.

* Public Peering allows traffic exchange between all the participants connected to the Balcan-IX SAPs; * Virtual Private Interconnection consists in supplying a logical point-to-point connection between the equipment of two Public Peering Balcan-IX customers, in order to allow private traffic exchange. Private peering agreements are in customers' accountability, the Balcan-IX platform is acting only as a Layer 2 facilitator. The Balcan-IX platform has redundant and resilient network architecture.

All SAPs are connected in a ring topology at 10G capacity. The flexible design allows new SAPs introduction and existing capacity upgrades, in order to easily adapt to customer needs. The Balcan-IX platform has an independent BGP policy, having its own ASN 24745.

Year Founded: 2005
Legal Name: Balcan-IX
Company Type: Partnership
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