Burst Myanmar

Burst Myanmar Co Ltd was incorporated in the Union of the Republic of Myanmar ("Myanmar") in June 2016 with the objective of becoming the most reliable provider of broadband and datacenter services in the country. Located in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone, Burst holds a 50-year lease on 5,007 square meters of property in Zone A where we are constructing a Tier IV datacenter and telecommunications compound (the "Burst Teleport").

The Burst Teleport will consist of the only Tier IV datacenter in Myanmar with 68 commercial racks in a space of 330 square meters; a Ka-Band satellite array provided by O3b Networks (used for international IP transit) and two 9 meter antennas one of which will be commissioned for C-Band capacity and the other to be leased to a third party satellite provider.

Our Thilawa SEZ facility will also host International Gateway facilities and will serve as Myanmar's first Internet Exchange.

In order to ensure our commitment to our clients to provide the highest level Quality of Services or "QoS", Burst has entered into key strategic arrangments to ensure that not only do we have world-class facilities, but also have the most reliable domestic and international connectivity and a staff of professionals, whom are responsive to our client's needs and are trained so as to ensure a 99.99% uptime of our facilities and network connectivity.

Our strategic partners include 1-Net Pte Ltd in Singapore, which will serve as our datacenter management partner, TS Global Networks Sdn Bhd, which will serve as our satellite management partner and Campana Networks Pte Ltd, which will serve as our fiber capacity partner.

Commissioning of the Thilawa Teleport is planned for Q1 2017.

Legal Name: Burst Myanmar Co., Ltd.
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