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Together, We Connect Growth 

datamena is a provider of data centre and connectivity solutions dedicated to enabling the growth and success of customers in the Middle East. Based in the UAE, we offer our customers a platform that is simple, secure and open to ensure that they have a trusted partner in the region. Carriers, Cloud and Content Providers, and Enterprises choose datamena because we help them to accelerate their growth in the Middle East. 

We believe in an open and transparent model that gives our customers a growing ecosystem of potential partners and allows them to benefit from being located in the same facilities. 

It is an environment that has been specifically designed to facilitate new business opportunities and seamless interconnection. 

Strength in Partners -  We partner with world-leading telecoms and technology companies.  Through our alliance with Equinix, our data centre in Dubai is part of a global platform of more than 100 data centres, operated by Equinix under one SLA. 

datamena also hosts the UAE Internet Exchange (UAE-IX). The UAE-IX is managed by DE-CIX, that operates the largest Internet Exchange in the world, in Frankfurt. 

Why datamena? 

- Financially stable with the backing of a leading international telecoms brand  - Proven experience and track record in making customers successful in the Middle East  - Strong partnerships with world leading technology and telecoms providers  - A fast growing customer base of the most trusted and influential Carriers, Cloud and Content Providers, and Enterprises 

Our Company - 

datamena is a brand of du, the fastest growing telecom operator in the Middle East. We operate with a unique model, mission, and business objectives. We benefit from the extensive network, expertise and financial strength of du, providing datamena with a solid foundation that our customers and partners trust.

Year Founded: 2012
Legal Name: Datamena
Company Type: Public Company
Operated Data Centers
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