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Light Core is a global behavioral-based business performance improvement firm. We offer products and services that teach business leaders how to attract right-fit clients and employees by aligning business strategy with marketing content and behavior. Who are these right-fit clients and employees? These are the ones whose values align with yours. We know our values shape who we are, how we think and ultimately how people perceive us. 

But do you know what your values are? Unless you understand WHO you are, WHY your products and services are and WHAT your capabilities are, you will never learn HOW to take your business to new levels. Why? Because people base their decisions to buy a product or service out of an EMOTIONAL need not a RATIONAL need. It is a fact that people would reach into their pockets to buy a product or service if its values align with their own. Business leaders must learn how to establish an emotional connection with their buyers. Light-Core will teach you how to tap into this ability! 

Light-Core bridges the gap between conventional management and the digital age. By accepting and acknowledging what you are capable of, you will understand how to maximize the advances of digital technology. Processes and tools are often used by businesses to further their interest and fuel growth. However, these processes and tools are managed by people. So unless you find the right-fit people to run these processes and tools, your attempt at integrating digital to your business will fall short of its goals! 

Our process begins by focusing and identifying the qualities that comprise the most important component in your business's success. YOU. From there we shall prepare a Creative Brief from where shall originate the Digital Marketing campaign; the end product which shall be an accurate representation of WHY your business is. 

The result? Unprecedented levels of long-term sustainable GROWTH!

Year Founded: 2013
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