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Founded on 4 April 1988, PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta be committed full service provider of the data communications, Internet and value added solutions for all industry segments, Including industrial agency, media and communications, finance, manufacturing, resources, services, trading / distribution, and transportation , Our experience has been good in the company's medium and small-scale and large scale companies. At the beginning, Lintasarta have a mission to build the information technology with a focus on the national banking segment. In journey, Lintasarta has successfully Realizing the mission and Become a pioneer of many services, ranging from the use of network ATM (Cash Platform Independent) in the which each ATM Bersama terminal owned by a bank can also be used by other bank customers who joined as members , Lintasarta IS ALSO working with the Bank of Indonesia in implementing the Banking Reporting System automatically through electronic media. Lintasarta service has now enjoyed more than 1,800 corporate customers. Lintasarta services and solutions have been tailored to meet the needs of each industry with the support of the various experts and more than 20,000 network infrastructure and platform-based Next Generation Network (NGN), the which advanced. Lintasarta a reliable network across 72 Cities in Indonesia and 220 countries in the world to maximize the performance of companies in the country and the world.

Year Founded: 1988
Legal Name: PT Lintasarta
Company Type: Privately Held
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