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TasmaNet’s goal is to meet and surpass your core business and service-level requirements. We bring industry­—leading technologies and systems management practices to your business. Through partnering with TasmaNet, any business can expect: Increase your Return on Investment (ROI): replace capex with usage—based recurrent expenditure. Achieve greater budget transparency: regain financial control, consistency and predictability Mitigate knowledge risks: retention of core knowledge and costs of continual up-skilling. Reduce support costs: streamline management of applications and infrastructure through more effective operations and procurement Improve service delivery and scope: adopt and rapidly deploy clever and agile technologies, without budget or skills constraints. Ensure business continuity: reduce downtime, increase access and availability, create a positive, consistent working environment. Guard your critical information: adopt highly resilient and secure data storage and backup strategies. Improve operating efficiencies Maximise resource utilisation: improve the quality and timeliness of services to end users Re-focus IT: better planning and future-proofing, targeted resource allocation. TasmaNet has the technology and know-how to enable our customers to adopt and utilise technology for greater business success. 100% Tasmanian owned and operated, TasmaNet knows Tasmania and the Tasmanian business ‘landscape’.

Legal Name: TasmaNet
Company Type: Public Company

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