Los Angeles
Los Angeles

With a population of four million, Los Angeles is the top market for data centers, service providers, and network fabrics in the United States. The bustling city attracts millions of tourists each year and boasts the world’s largest, and most acclaimed, film and television industry, which is centralized in the neighborhood of Hollywood.

Los Angeles has a GDP of over US$940 billion, and with a significant contribution from the digital economy, its data center industry is thriving. The top providers currently include: LA1, LA2, LA1 One Wilshire, LA3, Digital Realty.

Home to Hollywood, the globally-renowned entertainment industry center, Los Angeles’ thriving media and entertainment hubs largely contribute to the density of, and widespread connectivity to, the city’s data centers. The high production rate of movies each year has been shown to prompt increased rates of data center leasing activity in and around the area.

Also, with a population of almost four million, Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the United States. Over 82% of this population also has a broadband internet subscription, which contributes to the extensive connectivity which Los Angeles and its data centers experience.

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