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Google Cloud

Google Cloud is Alphabet's cloud computing business and one of the company's fastest-growing lines of revenue, outpacing its advertising business.

In a bid to take on market leader, Amazon, Google has invested heavily in the cloud, to the tune of $30 billion. Despite being a latecomer to the cloud market, the company has gone as far as to say that Google Cloud could surpass Amazon as the market leader by 2022.

The company expanded into several new regions in 2017, growing its global footprint to now incorporate 13 countries.

It's difficult to get a clear picture of Google's cloud-based revenue given the company doesn't separate the cloud from revenue for hardware and Google Play. The "Other" segment was reported in the Q1, 2017 earnings call as $3.1 billion which was up by 49% compared to the same time last year. Google’s ad revenue rose just 19% for the quarter.

Despite the growth, Google Cloud's revenue is still dwarfed by AWS and has been estimated by the RBC to be achieving an annual run-rate revenue of approximately $1 billion - less than what AWS achieves in one quarter.

Google also offers enterprise-grade connectivity options via its Cloud Interconnect solution that connects customer infrastructure to Google via its service providers. Offering higher availability and lower latency connections, Cloud Interconnect links can be used to access any Google Cloud Platform resource such as Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage and Google BigQuery.

Year Founded: 2014
Legal Name: Google Cloud
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