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IBM Cloud

Founded in 2005 and acquired by IBM for reportedly $2 billion in 2013, Softlayer provided IBM with the foundation to establish a cloud services division. Now under the IBM Cloud banner, Softlayer was, at the time, one of the world's largest privately held IaaS providers and provider of dedicated hosting.

IBM is leading the way in hosted private cloud and is one of the major cloud players alongside AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud and Oracle Cloud. Despite investing more than $1 billion to expand its cloud footprint and establishing partnerships with VMware, Cisco and Salesforce; UBS reports that IBM currently holds just 7% market share for IaaS and PaaS.

Merrill Lynch believes that IBM’s public cloud penetration ability could lead to a $7–$15 per share rise to IBM stock. The Q1, 2017 earnings call however delivered a $9 billion dollar blow to IBM's stock market value due to the company falling short of the $18.4 billion in sales that was predicted, posting just $18.2 billion.

IBM Cloud now offers the ability to deploy workloads in nearly 60 data centers, and now into six regions and 18 availability zones globally.

Year Founded: 2005
Legal Name: IBM Cloud
Company Type: Public Company
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