Neterra Telecommunications
Neterra Telecommunications
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Neterra was established in 1996 and since then the company became a leading Bulgarian telecommunication operator and provider of high-quality communication solutions. During the years, the company followed considerable rates of expansion and development as a leader on the telecommunication market in Eastern Europe. Presently, Neterra can provide competitive capacity services from 64Kbps to 10G lambdas nationally as well as to many other countries int the region like Turkey, Romania,Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Georgia and the rest of the Caucasus region countries. Neterra has a very well developed intra-country network based on DWDM equipment with PoPs in all major Bulgarian cities and serves some of the biggest world telecoms BritishTelecom, Verizon Business, GlobalCrossing, KPN, Telekom Austria. Neterra's services are reliable, innovative and cost-effective and its complex solutions, help operators, service providers, content providers and other large companies to exploit new business opportunities and improve their competitiveness. We are constantly exploring new ways for our customers to increase profitability, improve quality, and cut costs. Our history of pioneering new technology and service concepts, together with our dedication to providing first class service at every step of the way, from infrastructure to future technologies, makes us one of the leading Bulgarian telecommunication operators. Neterra devotes its experience, technological and human resources, to provide people with the freedom to work without thinking about technologies connecting them. Neterra's Colocation Facilities At the moment, Neterra owns and operates 3 large carrier-neutral data centers: Sofia Teleport, Sofia Datacentre and Teleport Ruse, where some of the leading world telecoms have build their major PoPs for servicing Eastern Europe. They are designed and equipped to offer broad range of colocation and communication services with guarantee of quality.

Year Founded: 1996
Legal Name: Neterra Telecommunications
Company Type: Privately Held
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