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Tata Communications
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Welcome to Tata Communications. We own and operate the world’s largest fibre optic cable network, covering 240,000 kilometres, including the first and only fibre optic ring around the world. Our network travels over land and under the sea to link six continents and more than 200 nations and territories and accounts for over 20% of the world’s Internet routes. It also carries 53 billion voice minutes per year, and 50% of the world’s roaming traffic. Businesses all around the world depend on us not only for voice, Internet and data communications, but also for a wide range of communications services. These services include everything from networking, unified communications, and media services to cloud computing, data centres, and network security. We support everything through offices in 31 countries and one million square feet of data centre and collocation space in 44 locations around the world. The real value of our global infrastructure is the human benefits it provides. By reaching 99.7% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product of goods and services, we’re enabling faster and more efficient economic development and cross cultural communication and understanding throughout the world.

Year Founded: 2008
Legal Name: Tata Communications
Company Type: Public Company
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