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Retelit is one of the leading Italian providers of data services and infrastructure for the telecommunications market. The company owns a proprietary optical fiber network which stretches over more than 16,000 kilometres and connects 12 Metropolitan Networks and 18 Data Centers across Italy and 1 in Austria. This important infrastructure enables access to dedicated broadband and ultra-broadband data transmission services, the creation of private IP and Ethernet networks, and the provision of Internet connectivity. These valuable assets make Retelit an ideal technology/infrastructure partner. Retelit is the ideal partner for international operators and OTT’s for their connection and capacity needs. Retelit’s flexible offering supports International Carriers and Content Providers with B-end connectivity solutions, robust, widespread infrastructure and consolidated sector expertise. Due to its infrastructural and data transmission offers, Retelit is the go-to solution also for the Italian Wholesale market. The Group continually satisfies the fiber optic demand from Carriers and Service Providers, constantly developing its network to serve the distribution points of mobile and WISP operators seeking to extend their coverage. Leveraging on its know-how and execution speed, Retelit has established itself as the preferred infrastructural partner for players requiring turnkey solutions for their network access projects. Markets: International Operators, Carriers, OTT, Hyperscalers, Media & Entertainment Provider, Enterprises.

Year Founded: 1999
Legal Name: Retelit SpA
Company Type: Public Company
Operated Data Centers
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